POS Touch Screen & Display Repair


Without the help of a properly working POS touch screen system, tabs cannot be opened and closed effortlessly at restaurants increasing the possibility of payment and other troublesome errors that slow down the sales process. POS touch screen terminals provide a new world of convenience – that is, until they break! Stop hindering your business’ profit gain and look at CRC Systems to repair your broken POS touch screen system.

POS terminals are a standard in the service industry. The ease of their touch screens make them an extremely beneficial tool for servers, concierges, bartenders and arena/stadium ticket attendants who use them to streamline operations for maximum productivity. Without them, businesses suffer in slowed down transaction processes.

CRC Systems employs experienced, factory-trained technicians to fix your damaged POS touch screen in the timeliest manner possible. We strive to meet every service and support needs of our customers. As always, CRC Systems offers quick estimates for broken POS terminal touch screen and display monitors repairs. We thoroughly examine the damaged screen on your POS system to determine the exact component needing to be replaced, repaired or rebuilt before advising you on your service options. After the repair service is completed, your POS touch screen system undergoes a complete quality assurance test to ensure optimal performance.

Eliminate costly POS contracts by dealing directly with the repair center, no middleman! We service all makes and models of POS touch screen and displays.

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