Medical Touch Screen & Display Repair


Medical touch screen and display monitors are a crucial element in the health and medical industries. From viewing data collected from an echocardiography to guiding a surgeon in the operating room. Medical touch screen and display monitors are a part of everyday procedures in hospitals and doctor offices nationwide. Without a properly functioning medical display monitor, doctors cannot study the data they need to in order to make important evaluations for their patients. Don’t jeopardize the credibility and trust you’ve built with your patients due to broken touch screen systems.

It is often less expensive to repair the machine you have rather than spend unnecessary money on a replacement. CRC Systems offers high quality medical touch screen repairs and display monitor repair services including fixing or replacing lamps, inverters, video boards, LCDs, touch screens and touch controllers with all work completed by our factory trained technicians in our state-of-the-art facility.

We service all makes and models of medical touch screen and displays including repairs for legacy and obsolete equipment.

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