Industrial Touch Screen & Display Repair


Manufacturing environments are tough on machines and touch screens are especially sensitive. When your industrial touch screen loses functionality so does your entire industrial manufacturing assembly line. CRC Systems offers a complete range of industrial touch screen repairs including work on PLCs and HMIs. The faster it’s fixed, the faster your team can return to operating at full speed.

Industrial touch screens, HMIs and PLCs simplify task for human operators in a manufacturing assembly line as well as allow for ultra precision movements and functions. A well-functioning industrial touch screen system can speed up production time without putting a strain on operators – increasing product and revenue for your company.

Our factory-trained service team is particularly well suited in dealing with the most difficult issues that arise from demanding manufacturing environments by using the latest technology to diagnose, evaluate, repair, calibrate and test some of the most intricate industrial manufacturing plant tools in our state-of-the-art facility. We’ve gained the competitive advantage in the industrial touch screen repair industry due to our reputation of fast, reliable and comprehensive service.

We service all makes and models of industrial touch screen and displays including repairs for legacy and obsolete equipment.

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