Grocery/Retail Touch Screen & Display Repair


Nothing is more frustrating than expecting a quick and easy transaction, only to be met with a broken touch screen that won’t light up or present information properly. If this describes your grocery or retail touch screen system, you are losing a great deal of business.

Grocery and retail touch screens have revolutionized both the checkout and in-store shopping experience for customers. A guest is able to look up the price of an item without the hassle of tracking down a busy employee, as well as easily purchase a small basket full of items through a self-checkout system. Retail touch screens and POS systems remove unnecessary difficulties and quicken the sales process, driving profits up and creating a satisfied customer.

Whether your retail or grocery store features touch screen price checkers, touch screen POS systems or self-checkout POS systems, CRC Systems offers touch screen repairs and display monitor repairs for all makes and models. Our services include repairing or replacing lamps, inverters, video boards, LCD’s, touch screens and touch controllers – with all work completed by factory-trained technicians. Each repair is completed once your grocery/retail touch screen system passes our quality assurance test for optimal functionality.

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