Gaming Touch Screen & Display Repair


Your business will never hit the jackpot if players can’t get your casino’s slot machine touch screens to work! Don’t let broken gaming touch screen machines bring business profits to a startling halt. Every minute your video poker touch screens are glitchy, black-screened or worse, completely out of service, is another minute you are losing money. CRC System understands time is money, and we consider touch screen repair speed to be just as important as quality. Get your blackjack gaming touch screens and display monitors back up to speed with our guaranteed quality repair services.

CRC Systems casino gaming touch screen repairs and display monitor repairs include the repair or replacement of the following: lamps, inverters, video boards, LCD’s, touch controllers, capacitors, transistors and CRTs of your slot, poker and other casino gaming machines. Our experienced factory-trained technician professionally handles every repair to your lottery or sports betting gaming touch screen. They examine every inch of your gaming touch screens display to ensure nothing is overlooked. We offer the highest quality parts and quality-assurance tests are conducted after each repair. We are proud to never settle for anything less than optimal performance.

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