Who We Are

CRC Systems is a national touch screen repair and display repair depot specializing in extending the life of your touch screen and display equipment. We repair all makes and models of touch screens and displays in Semiconductor, Industrial HMI/PLC, Medical, Gaming, POS, Grocery/Retail, and Kiosk Industries. CRC Systems prides itself on exceptional customer service. Your company will be working directly with us, no middleman involved!

Our Story

Our company initially began as a POS dealer under the name Cash Register Control, Inc. in 1983. We experienced tremendous success and growth leading us to become one of the largest POS distributors in Florida. However, as the touch screen marketplace grew in popularity and started becoming the industry standard due to their convenience and efficiency, we quickly realized the lack of touch screen and display repair services available to the public. In 1998, we abbreviated our name to CRC Systems and began to tackle the growing need of touch screen repairs and display repairs by offering those services nationally. At CRC Systems, we will extend the life of your touch and display screen by repairing it with the highest quality parts and service, guaranteed. Repairing your equipment is less costly and saves you time when it matters most.  Based on the continued overwhelming demand, CRC Systems has quickly become one of the leading depot touch screen repair and display repair providers in North America. Having to replace equipment can be a costly and tedious process, but that is where CRC Systems steps in. Whether you have one touch screen or hundreds across North America, CRC Systems is your trusted touch screen and display repair partner.

Our Vision

To provide our customers with as little downtime as possible from their touch screen and display equipment to maximize both productivity and profit by offering quality repairs that exceed all competition.

Our Mission

To extend the life of your touch screen or display equipment while creating an authentic, engaging, and long–term relationship with your business.

Our Value Proposition

To simplify and manage your technology supply chain as an extension of your technical team by creating a partnership that is useful, consistent, time-sensitive and simple.

We Take It To The Next Level

SERVICE TEAM: Our tenured factory-trained service technicians look over every inch of your touch screen or display component to provide expert and cost-effective board level repairs and component level replacements. We treat every touch screen repair and replacement as a comprehensive rebuild, or a complete refurbishment, and the job isn’t done until it passes a full quality-assurance test to ensure optimal performance.

STATE OF THE ART FACILITY: Our repair facility is equipped with the highest level of automated test equipment. Sophisticated diagnostics capabilities accelerate problem identification. Our surface-mount soldering enables us to refurbish to new, and all parts are fully tested and bench burned before they are shipped back to you.

LEGACY/OBSOLETE EQUIPMENT: CRC Systems stocks a complete inventory of the highest-quality spare parts to allow for quick and reliable repairs. In the rare chance we do not have your part, we have built relationships with dozens of overseas part suppliers so we can source the part you need.

TURNAROUND TIMES: You need it fast? We deliver and beat the industry average! Our goal is to have you back in business with minimal downtime.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Throughout the repair process, we will communicate with you to keep you up-to-date on what stage your equipment is in and when you will have it back.

When you get to the point of jabbing repeatedly at your touch screen to find that magic spot on the display, it has wavy lines or has completely gone blank – it’s time to repair!
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CRC Systems is committed to providing you with quality cost-effective touch screen repair and display repair services in a timely manner with the least amount of downtime as possible.


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